Come Meet and Share with Native People from Siberia!

The Buryat entourage of performers will include a world-renowned award-winning Russian-opera-trained singer-Chingis Radnaev, a Buryat cultural dancer-Irina Shotkinova, a traditional Buryat inspired artist-Vladislav Urbahanov, and multi-faceted traditional and contemporary musician-Alexander Archincheev.   

Their performance schedule will start:  Friday, September 22nd 8pm at Watchetaker Hall during the Comanche Fair in Lawton, Oklahoma (FREE-Open). 

Saturday, September 23rd at 8pm they will perform with the Oklahoma Fancy Dancers: Native Dance Troupe at Lawton’s International Festival Lake Helen Stage North (FREE-Open). 

Sunday, September 24th from 1:30pm to 5pm at Norman Public Library 225 N. Webster they will have a cultural exchange meet-and-greet and conduct dance and art workshops (FREE-Open). Dinner sponsored by Norman First United Methodist Church.

Monday, September 25th OU School of Music will host workshops for OU music students. 

Wednesday, September 27th 12.15pm OUHSC will host a P2P presentation by Buryat delegation and Metro Caddo Culture Club (FREE) at the Grand Rounds, Auditorium - Samis Education Center, OUHSC.

Last Chance to see perform: 8pm Saturday, September 30th Oklahoma Fancy Dancers and Buryat Delegation will perform P2P Finale at Catlett’s Sharp Music Auditorium for the Native Ruggles Concert Series. $9 Adults $5 Students and OU at door Saturday $10 everyone.


Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the similarities and differences first-hand between Oklahoma Native Americans and Native Buryat Siberians. 

The Peer2Peer (P2P) Two Sides of the Globe: Connecting Indigenous People project is supported by a grant award from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to T. Balachova at OUHSC. The P2P program is funded by the U.S. Department of State.

To Contact P2P OUHSC & Buryat Delegation, contact Program Director Tatiana Balachova: 405-271-8858

To Contact Fancy Dancers, contact Director Kevin Connywerdy: 405-360-2532

Oklahoma Fancy Dancers Facebook:

or See Oklahoma Arts Council Performing Arts Roster for Oklahoma Fancy Dancers